Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gundam AGE - 11

I'm beginning to suspect (and hope for) NTR end for this arc, considering how Flit's been obsessing over Yurin.  Either that or a bad end, which I really don't want to happen to the one decent character in the show.
Still carrying around her ribbon, wherever he goes.

The Diva arrives at Colony Minsry, where they will remain docked for two weeks while Vargas uses the AGE system to upgrade the ship and wait for their reinforcements from Fardain.  When Vargas expresses doubts over his ability to upgrade the ship in time, Emily calls Madorna, and brings him over to help.

It's amazing how the AGE system can design something like that in two seconds.
In the mean time, the Diva's entire combat and command staff take off to spend the time at a luxurious mansion owned by Alzack Birmings, an old friend of Don Boyage, and the de facto ruler of Minsry.  On the way to the mansion, however, Flit hears a sound in the forest and takes off after it, eventually chasing down Yurin, who had been adopted by Birmings shortly before Nora fell.  The two then spend most of the two-week break together.

Not even Emily gets this kind of reaction from the guy.
However, the EFF's pursuit squad, lead by Stora Guabran, isn't too far behind the Diva, and they stake out the ship, and when they discover Grodek's location, decide to go after him.
Every shot of this guy ends with him eating his candy bar. Is that supposed to be threatening or something?
The plan for the attack on the abandoned and UE-occupied Ambat space fortress is simple.  The Diva and Euba-Zalam battleships will use their weapons to force open a path, while a mobile suit team infiltrates the base.  So they can commit as many units to the attack as possible, the Diva's mobile suits will be held back on CAP duty, while everything else will be sent in to attack the fortress directly.  And so, with the final planning done, Flit says his goodbyes to Yurin, and they leave the mansion to return to the ship.
Death flag or Yurin end flag.  Not sure which one it is yet.
Of course, they can't just return peacefully, as Stora and two EFF Genoaces stop their boat and arrest Grodek.  While the other people on the boat are left despairing over the arrest of the captain, Flit decides to rescue him using the Gundam, so that they can launch the attack and make the Federation start to fight.
So Flit gets back to the Diva, gets in the Gundam, and makes it back, all before the boat with the EFF guys goes anywhere?
After dispatching the two Genoaces, the others take over the EFF boat, rescue Grodek, and leave the EFF guys stranded.  Stora, however, has a hidden communication device in a pen, and uses it to contact their other ships outside, telling them to prepare to engage and capture the Diva.
Look, I'm eating in a dramatic way! Don't I look cool?
Back at the ship, Vargas and Madorna finish upgrading the ship just in time (of course), though they don't have time to test any of the new systems, meaning that everything will need to be tested in the field, when they actually need to use it.
So, let's set aside how Emily can teleport Madorna from his workshop to Minsry, and how over the top and ridiculous Stora is.  The real question is this: how the hell do they expect that insane battle plan to work?  Hold back the units that can do damage, while sending in the fodder?  And that's supposed to be a good plan?  Here are two better ones: first, hold everything back as CAP, and let the battleships (especially the Diva, with its new superpowered gun) siege the fortress.  In this case, everything is devoted to letting the battleships' primary guns do as much damage as possible to the UE's base.  Second: reverse the strategy.  Use the fodder to protect the ships, and send in the two best units into the heart of enemy territory.

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