Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gundam AGE - 10

This was the most hilarious thing that I've seen in a long time.  It was just that bad... which really shouldn't be the case in an action episode.
The UE battleship was firing for the entire episode and still managed to hit absolutely nothing

I'm not going to do a play-by-play of the battle, but here are some of the highlights (lowlights?).
First, using the Euba and Zalam forces as the vanguard, when they're equipped with nothing but their basic machine guns that don't even work against each other.  Of course, that's actually the plan, to have all of them be fodder to distract the UE while the Gundam and G-Exes, who both now have beam rifles that can kill UE units (art is somewhat inconsistent, but it looks like they both have DOTS rifles), run around the field killing units.  Which then leads to lines like this:
A five year old could come up with those tactics.
And when the Diva receives a message from the EFF saying that they can't offer reinforcements and wishing them luck, they're left amazed when Adams says he did it.
I think so too.  You should also request support for the anti-UE base operation, but that's something else.
And then when the Zedas sorties, and creates friendly-fire incidents among the troops, they immediately start squabbling (despite their weapons not really damaging each other).
Okay children, back to work.
And when Flit engages the Zedas, he keeps having visions of Desil, and concludes that the kid is piloting the unit.  And despite switching back to the Gundam's original form, he's still completely outclassed by the unit (because he let Yurin get away back in the fourth episode).
Flit! Pull the trigger! PULL THE TRIGGER!
Boyage, in a rage over one of his guys being killed (why not react like that to the first four or five guys that got offed?) engages a Baqto in melee, and is promptly dispatched as well.
Hard to believe that an explosion like that...
With Boyage shot down, the Zalam and Euba pilots' morale drops to zero, and their formations begin to fall apart, with the Diva and its units forced to hold the line while everone regroups.  Boyage, however, wakes up in his badly damaged unit, and decides on a suicide attack on the UE battleship while delivering a rousing speech to everyone.
...results in only this much damage.
His subordinates decide to cover his suicide run, and three of them go down as well, taking hits for him and knocking UE units out of his way.
In his final seconds, he and Ract reach an understanding, and after Ract says that he wants to see a peaceful future, entrusts him with the remainder of his troops, and plows into the battleship, and doing no damage at all.
An exit worthy of a man....I guess.
Flit then slips into a rage, firing blindly at the Zedas, and when the new parts are ready, tells Vargas to just send them out so he can swap parts in space.
And after this, they were unable to retrieve the parts (not really, but I'd love it if it were true)
The new Gundam Spallow (should just call it Exia now) is armed with some sort of a solid cannon in its knees, and a single Shiguru Blase, which is sharp enough to "slice any mobile suit in two".
Though I'm not sure how hits like this...
...result in an explosion and almost no additional damage to the Zedas (it was already missing its arm)
 With Boyage's death now serving to motivate all of the Fardain pilots, they regroup and press the attack again, and the UE ship and its units withdraw.
How can you fire that much, from that many batteries, and hit nothing for an entire battle?
The Diva then leaves the colony, heading to Colony Minsry, the nearest colony to the Ambat fortress with no EFF garrison, where the Euba-Zalam Allince will regroup with them after Boyage's funeral.  And finally, back wherever he's hiding, Desil is raging over losing to Flit.
Last episode you were whining about it being too easy. Make up your mind.

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