Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gundam AGE - 08

As usual, Gundam AGE disappoints with a mix of bad writing and laughable physics.
Let's start with the heavyweight arms being supported by that tiny joint.

Continuing from where episode 7 left off, the Gundam quickly swaps out its default arms and legs for the Titus parts, and deploys to rescue Largan and his Genoace.

Reminds me of the Alteisen and Huckebein Boxer
The Gundam quickly demonstrates its absolute superiority to the UE's Baqto, shrugging off its strongest attacks, and destroying the unit with a single hit using its beam lariat. 
Elsewhere, the Zalam and Euba units are being wiped out by the pair of Gafran, their weapons not even managing to scratch the UE mobile suits.
Barely bothering to block it.
Again at the last second, Flit returns and begins pummeling one of the two Gafran, while Don Boyage and Ract Elfamel declare a truce and distract the other one.  When they start getting pinned down, Flit finishes off the first unit, then just as quickly dispatches the other.
Beam sabers in the knee.  Remember this for later.
Almost as soon as the second Zafran is down, three more Baqto appear, attacking the city, and Flit, Boyage, and Ract take off to attack them.
Beam sabers/vulcans in the hands, beam cannon in the tail and torso, and it chooses to kick.
Boyage and Ract are quickly overpowered, and Flit sends them to protect and evacuate the civilians while he holds the UE off.  He's then engaged by one of the Baqto, which pins him down long enough for the other two to again be engaged in battle and damaged.  Just before they are completely overwhelmed, Woolf returns with his brand new mobile suit, the G-Exes, which one-shots the Baqto with its beam saber.
And he only ordered the completely custom unit a few hours earlier.
With Flit still tied up with the first Baqto, Woolf then goes after the third unit, and one-shots that one as well.
Score right now: Flit:0 Woolf:2.
The first Baqto converts its chest beam cannon into a set of beam spikes and charges Flit, who counters it by lighting up the beam sabers in the Titus' shoulder armor and overpowering it head-on.

Beam sabers in the shoulder. Remember these too.
The immediate threat now ended, Boyage and Ract declare an official truce until the UE are defeated.  Boyage later also tells Grodeck that a man named Yark Dole, known as the Dark Merchant, who also had access to classified weapon blueprints had been supplying them with weapons.  The same Yark Dole, also had an outstanding order from Madorna: a UE Zedas.
Now, remember those weapons on the Titus I told you to remember?  This episode could easily have been almost half as long if Flit had bothered to remember he had them.
Oops, forgot the knee spikes (1 Gafran down)
Oops, forgot the shoulder spikes (2 Gafran down)
Just can't remember the shoulder spikes (Baqto down).

Woolf's custom G-Exes is also a major problem in this episode.  Looking at how easily it weathered the Baqto's attacks, and how quickly it could take them down, somehow, Madorna was able to build something that's at least on par with the Gundam, in only a few hours, with nothing but a photo to go by.  The unit's mere existence is something that stretches suspension of disbelief to its breaking point.

And let's not forget Don Boyage, who was panicked about how the Gafran was nothing but a coldblooded killing machine while he was fighting it, despite it clearly just toying with them.

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