Sunday, December 11, 2011

Gundam AGE - 09

And after one episode, Gundam Titus is obsolete.  Joy.

Following the conclusion of the battle in the colony, Woolf is showing off his new G-Exes to the rest of the main cast, when Madorna calls him and asks him to come to his factory colony.  Eager to meet the person who built the mobile suit, Flit, Emily and Dique hitch a ride in a shuttle, and despite a rough ride thanks to their ex-racer pilot, arrive safely and receive a warm welcome from Madorna and his wife, Laraparly.
And the independent factory has EFF military units in production...why?
After a detour through the factory block, where Flit and Madorna hit it off as fellow MS designers, and Emily gets some romance advice from Laraparly, they finally end up in the hangar, where Madorna shows them the stored Zedas, which he had been hired to upgrade.  Before he can fully explain the circumstances behind him having it, it activates and goes on a rampage in the shop.  To fight it, Flit and Woolf borrow a pair of (unarmed) Shaldolls to fight it.  Once confronted, the Zedas blasts its way out of the colony, though Flit manages to grab it and is also dragged outside and promptly loses a leg, necessitating a rescue by Woolf.
Don't come unarmed to a sword fight?
Flit then requests the launch of the Gundam and after Vargas sends it his way, jumps, without a spacesuit, from the Shaldoll's cockpit into the Gundam's.  Now in the Gundam, he attacks the Zedas, and aside from a single punch, is unable to catch up with or hit the high-speed UE mobile suit with the heavyweight Titus.
Still forgetting that the Titus is a beam porcupine.  Shoulder sabers = dead Zedas right now.
Elsewhere, Desil (the newtype-ish kid from a few episodes back) is watching the battle, and when he decides that Flit is helpless against the Zedas, orders it to call off the attack, leaving a confused Woolf and Flit behind.
After the battle, Madorna is able to explain that Yark Dole, the same man who provided weapons to the Fardain colony factions, had brought him the Zedas, and offered a huge amount of money to upgrade it.  While he was researching the unit, however, he found footage of it fighting the EFF (though the footage shown is from the Nora colony, which means he saw it fighting the Gundam), and immediately called Woolf.  They then return to the Diva and report their findings to Grodeck.
Don't you just instinctively want to trust him?
At this point, Grodeck finally decides to tell the crew about his plans for the Diva.  Instead of heading to the Tordia colony, they, along with a two ships each from the Euba and Zalam factions, will be going to the Minsry colony on the way to attack the UE at the abandoned space fortress Ambat.  When the crew begins to object about not involving EFF ships, he admits that he had stolen the Diva, and that the EFF was after him for mutiny.  Emily defends him, telling the crew about the Diva's original captain planning to abandon Nora (I still say that was the right decision), and Flit chimes in about Grodek losing his family to the UE.  After a few seconds of thinking about it, the entire bridge crew, including Adams, the only one to actually voice any objections, decide to sign on with Grodeck.
At least one person is at least a little concerned about it...
The Diva's sensors then detect a large number of UE approaching the colony, and the pilots head out to launch, while Vargas is alerted to the AGE System building a new set of parts for the Gundam.
It's the AGE System. You've only seen it working three times now.
Okay, where do I begin with this episode...?

First, who the hell authorized the departure of every single combat pilot (Largan doesn't count because his Genoace got trashed last episode) from the Diva, after they had verified that the UE had a strong combat presence in the area?
Second, why does Madorna have a full production line churning out Genoaces?  That's like... I don't know, some third-party group churning out F-22s in reality.  It's just something that doesn't happen.
Third, as I mentioned above, Flit seems to keep forgetting that his Titus actually has weapons.  Just like what happened in the previous episode, if he had led with the beam sabers instead of just punching, he'd have won immediately.  Even if the Zedas ended up dodging it, at least it'd make sense.

Fourth, and most critically, mutiny is a death penalty offense in the military, and everyone went along with it after only a couple seconds of thinking?  The only sort of defense available in a mutiny case is that they were rejecting an illegal order, which they certainly are not doing.
Fifth, even if mutiny weren't an issue, both Flit and Grodek have incredibly close emotional ties to the UE.  In any rational universe, Grodek's declaration that he'd go after the UE even if he were alone would be grounds to relieve him of command on the spot. You don't put people with suicidal vendettas in charge of military operation unless you're either desperate or suicidal yourself.

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