Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guilty Crown - 11

This episode was almost decent...
Dan's a screwball, but at least he was amusing...

The Apocalypse Virus outbreak that Segai triggered last week continues to wreak havoc among both the city and the non-Antibody GHQ members, with even Gai suffering from its effects.  In the confusion, Daryl plays his part in Antibody's coup, killing his father, GHQ's supreme commander, and his mistress; which leaves Keido Shuichiro, Antibody's chief, as the highest ranking officer.

Lesson to all the guys: don't blatantly cheat in front of your kids, especially when they're crazy.
Keido blames the Apocalypse Virus outbreak on the Undertakers and proceeds to take control of the entire GHQ, while Segai brings Haruka into the room as a hostage/unwilling assistant, only to be knocked flat by Dan, allowing her to escape.
Someone send this to Don Boyage. THIS is how you "make an exit worthy of a man".
The GHQ declares a contagion alert and locks down the city, while the news airs the GHQ's version of the outbreak.  This eventually reaches Shu, still hiding with Hare in the abandoned building, and while he tries to defend them to her, he is soon interrupted by Tsugumi, who sent a badly damaged Fyu-Neru after him.  She places the blame for the Undertakers being almost completely wiped out squarely on his abandonment of the group.
Command truck wrecked. Survivors: 2
This ends up being enough to break Shu out of his funk, and he taps the school's PA to summon his friends in school, and begins working on a plan to rescue Gai and Inori.
Between Inori and Hare, Fyu-Neru seems like a pretty popular accessory.
Elsewhere, the GHQ members monitoring the Undertakers' last stand report that they're down to Gai, Inori, the command trailer and Endlave, and eight holdouts at the airport.  Keido and Segai, however, bring the Apocalypse Virus rock back to Roppongi and start preparing something.
Shu, meanwhile, managed to collect his group and tells them that he wants their help to get to the Haneda airport so he can rescue some people there, and the others immediately begin to question him.  Instead of properly answering, he demonstrates his ability by pulling out Hare's void, a ribbon-like bandage that he uses to repair Fyu-Neru.  Yahiro, however, ends up revealing that the people Shu wanted to save are the Undertakers, and demands to know why Shu wants to save the terrorists.  Shu, however, responds with the most unconvincing line I can imagine, which still manages to convince them.
Hey everyone, help me save the terrorists because they believed in me!
Back at the airport, Gai and Inori, after luckily meeting up with Haruka, start preparations to broadcast Inori's singing which can block further activation of the Apocalypse Virus.  Gai remains in the hall to stall the GHQ's pursuing soldiers, while Haruka and Inori prepare the equipment.  Elsewhere in the airport, however, the remaining Undertaker members are slowly being overwhelmed... and Inori begins to sing, which begins to cure everyone and stops whatever it is Keido and Segai are doing.
And now we're adding Macross/FFX-2 elements
Shu and the rest, having hijacked a GHQ truck, begin their final rush to the airport, with Shu quickly drawing and using everyone's voids to break through multiple GHQ blockades and attacks.
Arisa's void can vaporize AA misiles, but buckles against a rocket?
While Hare's fixes bridges...
...the class rep gives him a scouter...
... Daryl loses yet another endlave to Yahiro's scissors...
And Shu runs up the side of a building.
At the last second, however, Yuu (from back in episode 6) teleports in, pulls out Inori's void, takes a swing at Shu (though Gai takes the hit for him), and leaves with her.  With Inori no longer singing, however, Keido's device starts working again, spreading the virus around Roppongi, collecting the cancer crystals, and building a massive crystalline tower in the middle of the city.
Final boss dungeon?
I haven't felt this good about Guilty Crown since the second episode.  Shu's gotten his backbone back, and, while all the nameless Undertaker members are dead, the core cast seems to be intact (except for the now apparently dead Gai).  Unfortunately for Shu, however, at the very last second, Inori got stolen away from him again.
The only major complaint that I have about this episode is Shu's piss-poor rationale for helping the Undertakers.  "Because they believed in me" might be something that works in Gurren Lagann, but in what world is "hey guys, help me save the terrorists that the news said just unleased a bioterror attack because they believed in me" considered a valid reason?
And as a final random note, Yuu's appearance, or more specifically, his eyebrows, have spawned a quite amusing (if somewhat unexpected) crossover:

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