Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tamayura Hitotose - 02

After waiting a week for another look at this series I finally get the time to review the second episode of Tamayura Hitotose. Like i mentioned before this anime genre really sits well with me, i love its kawaii characters and their simple life creates this very realistic environment being represented throughout the animation.

The second episode takes off very similarly as the first one with a short narration by the main character and an introduction to the 3 nameless girls previously shown in the first episode. These are: Koh-chan (Fuu's Childhood Friend - Middle) Norie-Chan (Energetic one - Left) and Maon-Chan (Tranquil one - Right). Truly very standard set of girls for this kind of anime but i was not expecting something different than this.

Fuu's class seems to be a little more interesting than average though, her personality is definitely shy as expected and like any other anime, this is used to create some very cute moments. Out of her friends she seems to be sharing the classroom only with Koh-chan so it seems to make it harder for her to act naturally infront of so many people.

To me Fuu's homeroom teacher was incredibly funny, his stereotypical over-energetic model is not something new but this really lets us contrast Fuu and her friends personalities. In the other hand where as Fuu, Norie and Maon seem to have somewhere to improve, the teacher believes Koh-chan to be the most mature out of the 4.

In their way home to γŸγΎγ‚†γ‚‰/Tamarura Cafe, the girls stop by a photography studio/shop in where we meet "Mastero" who so far seems to be the only indecent character in this series. Right after everyone arrives at the cafe, and as previously mentioned by Fuu, all the girl begin to taste Fuu's grandma new cake recipe turning out to be a complete success.

Fuu decides to that in order for them to strength their friendship she would like to have a slumber party, and thus suggests this to her friends. Everyone begins to brainstorm which house or location could be good for the party, to which Fuu's Grandmother suggests to use the second floor of her cafe. Everything is ready for the party but only one person is missing, Koh-chan, who eventually calls the girls and saying that her Home Room teacher "Energetic Dougou" needed her help with the Bamboo Matsuri (Festival) and so she cant make it. All the girls decide to go help out in order to free Koh-chan and continue their party.

After helping out with the Festival preparations, the over energetic teacher decides to repay the girls taking them out to eat. To my surprise they end up going to a Okonomiyaki shop owned by a nice lady whom the teacher seems to have a comical crush on. Usually in anime you see people eating Ramen, or Takoyaki, etc etc but i think this was the first time i see Okonomiyaki. The teacher orders "The Usual" for everyone and so we see four huge triple layer Okonomiyaki in front of Fuu and her friends.

Finally after the interruption the girls are able to return home and after a bath they are ready for the slumber party. Because they are having the party in the cafe they have time to walk at night through the town which gives us a very nice view of an old style Japanese town. They mention the smell of bamboo in the air and they sound they make as the wind pass by. The architecture style of wooden buildings are shown and it just gives me a feeling of wanting to visit that place.

As they arrive, they finally have some time for themselves. The four girls begin to talk about Fuu's album book reminiscent of past times. Maon brings out her mp3 speakers and with a grim face suggests them to listen to ghost stories scarring everyone in the room. Coincidentally they begin to hear noises coming from the first floor, scarring them in a very Kawaii way but eventually turning out to be Koh-chan older sister wanting to check on them bringing midnight snacks and board games.

The episode ends with everyone asleep for the exception of Fuu and Kao-chan older sister. They both begin to talk about times where Fuu and her dad used to visit them every summer when they were kids and how many happy and lovely memories they created during those times. It seems that both her and Kao-chan were always worried about Fuu when she stopped coming after the death of her dad but its now happy that she is back and promises Fuu that now she will be the one that will help Fuu and her friends creat new happy memories for the future.

-This episode definitely brought way more information compared to the first one. We get to know many different characters, including Marco the photo store owner, Dougou the over energetic teacehr, Fuu's Grandmother and Kao-chan Older sister.

-The drawings for the backgrounds and buildings where don very well. I think its very noticeable because of the change in scenery from the first episode to the second. The animation is very soft and kawaii when needed and overall i think they are going in a very good direction with this anime.

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