Friday, October 21, 2011

Guilty Crown - 02

Back at GHQ base, medics are scrambling to pull the pilot of the unit that Shu wrecked last episode out of the pod that all the mech pilots remote-control their units from.  Back at the action, that pilot's squadmate charges his unit forward, furious over his partner being taken down, and fires a spread of missiles, which Shu manages to avoid by subconsciously tapping his newfound powers.
All fighting done by remote control.

With some support from the other members of Undertaker, Shu takes out the second unit by stabbing it through the head.  Then, with the immediate threats neutralized, he looks around and notices Inori collapsed on the ground, and when he rushes to her, the sword he pulled from her chest reverts to a mass of energy and returns to her.  Another minibot then rolls up to the two, and through it, Gai orders him to take Inori and escape.

It looks like an evil Haro
In a different part of the battlefield, Aya (Ayase), the pilot of Undertaker's Endlave (the GC universe's name for the mecha, which I will be using from here on), is consulting Tsugumi, their tactical coordinator on targets, when she is engaged by a new GHQ unit, which proceeds to destroy hers.  She is saved from more serious feedback injury by Aya, who disconnects her moments before the new unit drives a blade through her unit's head.
I hereby dub thee "Lancelot"
Once again, back at GHQ's "mobile cockpit", Guin, the GHQ CO is in a panic over the battle footage and the existence and effectiveness of the supposed anti-Endlave weapon in the hands of the Undertakers.  His fuming is interrupted by the arrival of Daryl Yan, son of the major general the pilot of the aforementioned new unit.  He then stomps all over the CO's attempt to accept his assistance, demanding that he be allowed to do as he pleased or he'll bring his father into things.

Hi, my name is Spoiled Brat, and I'm here to make your work harder.
Switching back to Undertaker's side of things, Shu has managed to bring Inori back to Gai, when he's contacted by Aya and Tsugumi, apologetic over the loss of their Endlave.  After reassuring Aya, he hangs up and turns his attention back to Shu and Inori, with whom he is calmly furious for allowing Shu to use the Void Genome, which was supposed to go to him.  He berates Shu for trying to get out of assisting Undertaker, and finally delivers the explanation for what the Void Genome and King's Power are.  The King's Power allows its user to scan a person's DNA and materialize it in the form of a Void.  Further explanation is halted by another call, informing Gai that the GHQ's Whitecoat military arm had overrun a parking garage being used by residents as a shelter.
Consider yourself drafted.
Back at Undertaker's base, Gai decides that they will openly attack the GHQ forces, despite their overwhelming strength, and declare their existence to the world.  Inori and Shu are sent to infiltrate.  Once in position, they witness the Whitecoats beginning to execute their captives, under the pretense of them being infected, and Undertaker begins their attack. A large wave of missiles, followed by a decoy operation to draw the Endlaves away, while a commando team takes out the soldiers around the base and forces the Endlaves to a halt by locking on to the GHQ mobile base with a ton of missiles.
Pwning imminent
Gai contacts the command truck, demanding their surrender, but Guin responds that if they do anything, the Whitecoats will activate gas canisters stored underground and kill all of their hostages.  After some back and forth, Gai shows himself to speak directly to Guin, only to be targeted by all of the GHQ's laser weaponry.  Shu, however, going along with Gai's plan, draws his sword from Inori again, using it to cut through the back of the GHQ's forces, draw another weapon from Daryl - a device which sets up a barrier around all the GHQ units, reflecting all of the lasers around its interior - and singlehandedly wipe out all of their troops.  In the aftermath, Gai again offers Shu the chance to join the Undertakers.
Sometime later, back at school, Shu thinks to himself that his one-day adventure is over, and he's back to his everyday life... then his teacher announces a transfer student: Yuzuriha Inori.

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