Sunday, October 2, 2011

C3 - 01

We'll be showing this one at the screening next week, so this will be a pretty basic episode review. (Click "read more" for the rest of the post)

When an object is used long enough, and enough negative emotions are poured into it, the object then gains a human form and sentience.  Yachi Haruaki's father travels around the world finding these cursed objects, and sending them back home, where his son, naturally resistant to curses, and the positive energy from the land can relieve them of their curses.  This time, he sends a large black box.
Big glowing box?  No problem at all...
 That night, Haruaki hears a noise from the kitchen, goes to investigate, and finds a naked girl, Fear, stealing rice crackers.  She turns out to be the human form of a tool created to inflict pain, and over many years has accumulated so much hate she gained a human form and consciousness.
And not only does she sparkle, but she makes aurorae as well
Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Konoha, another cursed object who lives on the same property, and after a rough introduction between her and Fear, she leaves to go to school with Haruaki, leaving Fear by herself.  After getting bored of the house, she leaves and wanders around town, has a few run-ins with the local merchants, and goes back home, where she decides to "clean".
Not a very good start
Haruaki and Konoha eventually return from school to find the house a mess, and after a gentle reminding from Konoha that she was much the same when she first arrived, comforts Fear and starts her on the path to removing her curse.

So far, I don't see anything that would turn me off from this series.  Character introductions have gone pretty well, and Fear is downright adorable, in the "not-housebroken puppy" sort of way.  The OP is also quite catchy, and features a Fear who's clearly enjoying herself.

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