Monday, October 31, 2011

Gundam AGE - 04

Why are you all suddenly three feet tall?
Argh. This episode.  Just... ARGH.

Diva continues to fly through space, as the "mysterious soldier" takes a shower, puts on cologne, and congratulates himself on being awesome. Cue opening. (Seriously.)
In the hangar, Flit plugs the AGE unit into his Haro to upload the combat data to the AGE system so the AGE Builder can make him more hax weapons later.  He says it's his duty, making Emily worry that he sounds too much like a soldier.  Dique finally realizes that Nora's really gone and wonders about them and his parents.  Flit says that they can ask Grodek about them, and they go to his room, but he blows them off and tells them to ask the other crew about it.
You look strange without your hat
In the crew lounge they ask the other relaxing crew members (apparently including the Diva's navigator), and they say that the citizens were taken to the Tordia colony, while the Diva is going to resupply at the Fardain colony.  While they talk, the "mysterious soldier" storms up to them demanding to know what's going on.  Everyone stares in stunned silence at the arrogance on display, while Dique is the only person to recognize the Federation's legendary pilot, Woolf Enneacle.  He's eventually told to go talk to Grodek, and he leaves the lounge.
...What is up with that guy?
Later, while Flit is doing maintenance on the Gundam, he comes in and demands the unit.  Flit (of course) refuses, and Woolf  challenges him to a match for it.  Flit tries to refuse, but Emily, hoping that he will lose the Gundam and stop acting like a soldier, forces him into it.  The units then take training guns, and launch.
Woolf takes an early lead, but Flit starts getting used to hsi movements and starts closing the point gap.  After a few minutes, their battle is interrupted by the arrival of another UE Gafran.  The two struggle for a moment over who gets to attack, but Flit eventually gets ahead, blinds it with the training gun, and rushes it with the beam dagger.  Just before he hits the unit, Woolf notices something unusual and knocks him away from the Gafran.  The two take cover behind an asteroid, and Woolfe points out a gigantic UE ship that Flit didn't notice.
It's so easy to miss
Back on the Diva, the bridge crew is panicking because the Genoace Custom and Gundam disappeared from the scanners.  Back at the battle, Woolf notes that his unit cannot detect the ship, even though they're within its cloaking field and they can see it clearly.  The blinded Gafran uses its beam saber to wipe its visor clear, and begins looking for the two of them.  When it looks at them, Flit panics and rushes it, only to be stopped by Woolf again, who orders him back to the Diva to tell them about the ship.  Flit retreats and reestablishes contact with the Diva, and demands that they send him the DOTS Rifle, only explaining the situation after he gets it.
Damn it Woolf, let me stab it!
Woolfe is quickly overwhelmed by constant attacks by five Gafran units, but is saved at the last second by Flit returning.  The DOTS Rifle shots draw the attention of all of the UE units, which set up a constant barrage, but Woolf takes it from Flit, and shoots a nearby asteroid to create a smokescreen which allows them to take cover and hide safely.  The UE units fall back to their ship, which then disappears, just as the Diva enters the area.  In his quarters, Grodek watches the video of the UE ship disappearing, and mutters to himself that he's figured out what the UE are.
The writers want to make me look like the bad guy
Art quality was all over the place this week, but the fundamental flaws are deeper than just that.  Let's start with Woolf.  Was there really a need to make him come off as a total arrogant bastard at the start?  Compare him to the other "trained pilot paired up with newbie" types (Ryu, Mwu and Ray, for example), who were actually at least kind of likable.  Second, imagine that you're a trained military officer.  You wake up, to discover that the ship you're assigned to suddenly has none of its regular personnel on board or in command.  Do you (a) go into Metal Gear mode and discreetly figure out what's going on, or (b) storm into the lounge and loudly demand that everyone listen to you and explain the situation?  Then demanding that someone hand over their personal unit, just because you're awesome.  It's like they're trying to make the audience hate him.  I am rather amused that Dique was the only person to recognize him, but just a little.

Next up, Emily.  She's suddenly concerned that Flit "sounds like a soldier" because he's talking about his duty with the Gundam, and wanting to fight.  His entire character background so far is wanting to use the Gundam against the UE!  This sort of thing should be normal for him!  Then forcing Flit into a duel for the Gundam because she doesn't want him piloting.  Because if you take away his entire reason for living, everything will be all flowers and sunshine, right?

Third, Dique.  If you're going to be super concerned about your parents and whatnot, you should have gone into the core to start with, or transferred over when it was still hooked up to the Diva.

Next, the UE.  Their one scouting (?) unit encounters two mobile suits, and takes a little damage.  Does it call for support?  Of course not.  It stays still for several minutes, then... uses its beam saber to clear its visor?  Then, when multiple units engage Woolf, they don't send a couple more after what should be a super-high priority target?  The Gundam has already destroyed more UE units than the rest of the Federation combined, and they just let him fly around unhindered?  Or heck, send a few units to sink the Diva.  Oh well, Grodek figured them out, so with a little luck, maybe we'll find out next episode.

And finally, Flit.  He's still a kid, so he gets a pass for being constantly baited by Woolf.  However, when he reconnects with Diva after being sent back by Woolf, he starts screaming for the DOTS Rifle, without explaining why.  For all they knew, he wanted to kill Woolf or something, and they sent it anyway?  No, it's not "Send me my gun, oh, btw, there's UE all over the place", it's "There's a huge UE ship and lots of mobile suits, send me my gun."

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