Friday, October 7, 2011

Tamayura Hitotose - 01

Tamayura Hitotose comes from "TYO Animatons" as a very generic but warm slice of life depicting the life of protagonist Fu Sawatari and her experiences the years after the passing of her dad who seems to had been a great inspiration for her, specially in the area of Photography.

The show begins with the look of the main character playfully taking picture of her friends. As four girls are introduced the story changes to a few months back before the main story begins.

Fu seems to be in the last year of middle school, still troubled by her dad's death and now she is trying to decide what high school to attend to. Her childhood friend Chihiro is soon introduced and more information about Fu's past is soon unveiled. Chihiro seems to be one of the most caring friends in the world, she cares for Fu's troubles and tries to avoid her dad's passing as much as possible. She seems to be a real crybaby which makes her character very kawaii.

It seems that photography is a very influential thing in Fu's life, her late dad was always taking pictures and as the story progresses the term: Tamayura is introduced as which seems to be a status in where people warmth and happiness are shown, usually captured by pictures.

This is shown also by Fu obtaining her dad's camera and reviving her inner desire for photography. As she remembers and becomes acutsome of how to use the camera, she decides that her first picture would be Chihiro herself bonding their friendship even stronger.

Eventually as its expected, Fu announces to her friend that she and her family will eventually move to the town her dad used to love. Knowing this Chihiro tries her best not to cry but as expected a river of tears eventually appear. Chihiro takes the news rather positive thought it seems that both girls are actually pretty mature and she understand that in real life people have to eventually move on.

The day before the move, Fu and Chihiro are able to hand out for one last time. This brings very touching scenes Chihiro gives Fu a few of her stuffed animals, each one different from another but the most touching gift comes later in the day when Chihiro finally decides to give her another present. This is a homemade cat themed camera and photo case which really surprises Fu. Accompanying the gift Chitose words include: 行ってらっしゃい/Itterasshai which translates to: "have a nice time" sealing her friend's farewell.

Lastly this touching episode ends with Fu leaving for the town of Takehara by herself, taking the train in the same manner she used to do with her dad. Eventually arriving and laying eyes in the town she and her dad used to love. Her friend Kaoru is there waiting, reciving Fu with a friendly: お帰り/Okaeri "Welcome Home" and as soon as Fu notices this its inevitable for her to respond crying: ただ今/Tadaima "Im Home."

-I personally love this genre so i know i will enjoy every minute of this.

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