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Gundam AGE - 06

It's like they're not even trying any more (if they ever really were)...
This is my shocked face

Emily buys Flit a ticket to Tordia, where the Nora residents are being resettled.  He turns it down, finally resolving to stay on the Diva, and she doesn't take it well, throwing the ticket at him and running off.
Flit, how dare you not do what I want!
 Meanwhile, Grodek takes a nap on the bridge and has a dream about his family who died during the UE attack on the Angel colony.  When roused, he decides to visit someone in the colony and leaves the ship.
So I woke him up, and he just ran off...
 Woolf also decides to take off, taking his Genoace Custom to meet up with some other guys he knows at some other colony in the area.  One of them is a MS builder, and when shown a picture of the Gundam, he recognizes the design as similar to "a legendary mobile suit" with the same name.  Woolf then asks him for a mobile suit "better than a Gundam".
Gundam AGE's Junk Guild equivalent?
Back in the colony, Flit loses Emily, and when he stops to look around and wonder where she went, Haro simply rolls forward a bit to find her.  Further squabbling is interrupted by the arrival of two teams of colony MS, which proceed to engage each other in combat.  While trying to get away from the battle, however, Flit and Emily are trapped outside of defensive barriers protecting the buildings, and are rescued by someone from the colony slums (between the inner and outer colony walls).
Clearly a Zaku derivative.  Also, where's a sniper when you need one?
Apprently, only the uber rich 1%ers live in the aboveground city, while the 99% are stuck occupying the space between the colony walls in slums, collecting scrap metal to sell for money to buy food.  The slum dweller, Iwark, that saved them takes them back to his home, where he then delivers an exposition dump to explain more of the AGE universe's backstory.  At some point in time, the number of colonies reached such a number that they split into two factions, the Zalam Union and Euba Alliance, and went to war with each other.
Using nearly identical ships, no less
The war eventually ended with the signing of the Silver Chalice Treaty, which eliminated all weapons of war, including mobile suits (wait a second...). However, the people in the Tordia colony couldn't just leave things alone, and Zalam and Euba factions within the colony continue their blood feud within the colony.
And was approved by 60's hippies and furries.
Elsewhere in the colony, Grodek, under a false name, arranges a meeting with a mafia boss (whose face reminds me of the Turn-A), asking for four warships in exchange for a classified file containing weapon blueprints which were officially discarded after the signing of the Silver Chalice Treaty.  The boss then decides to take Grodek back to his mansion, though they are caught on the edge of another battle.
It's the mustache
Back in the underground, Iwark's adopted daughter escapes through a window as they feel tremors of the battle above.  He, along with Flit and Emily scramble to find her, and realize that she went to the aboveground.  Iwark takes an old construction MS up into the city, and are caught up in the battle as well.  When a stray round hits near Riria, and knocks her out, Iwark flies into a berserk rage and goes after the other units armed with nothing but a heat pick and a heat shovel.  Flit then decides to call Vargas and make him bring him the Gundam, which somehow makes it back in under a minute.  As the worker MS is crippled, Flit engages them, using its invincibility to his advantage and scattering them, only to be attacked by another UE MS, which attacks a few times, shows off its ability to deflect the DOTS Rifle's shots, and vanishes.
It's called the Baqto
Five Zalam faction MS then show up, surrounding the Gundam, and demand Flit's surrender.
If three of you couldn't scratch me, what good are five?
So let me get this straight.  You fought a big war, then signed a treaty eliminating weapons of war.  So the EFF military and its warships, along with all of its mass produced Genoace and weapons are... what?  And it's not like the EFF isn't party to the treaty as well, as Grodek is able to provide weapon blueprints that were discarded post-treaty.

Second, considering the EFF officer that was supposed to arrest Grodek last episode, it's not like they don't have a presence there.  If MS were outlawed, why the hell are they not doing anything about the constant battles?  Hell, they'd even need production facilities there, since even a war of attrition would wear both sides down pretty quickly.

Third, if they had these blueprints (assuming they're not data on the Genoace's absolutely useless beam spray guns or something), WHY ARE THEY NOT USING THEM AGAINST THE UE!?

Fourth, that mafia guy dealing in warships and MS?  Seriously?  That's like going to the mob or a drug cartel and asking them to sell you an aircraft carrier.

And don't get me started on Emily's fantastic hiding skills.
Find Emily.

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