Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gundam Age - 05

You smell...
The Diva finally makes it to the Tordia colony, but as always, trouble isn't far behind them.

After having been in several battles, Flit is beginning to brood over needing to fight.  Woolf thinks that it's because Flit's becoming the combat junkie that he is, though Flit says that although he doesn't want to fight, he feels obligated to use the Gundam to protect people from the UE.  Emily, however, is still where she was last episode, completely against Flit having anything to do with combat and determined to prevent him from fighting... though Woolf wholeheartedly supports Flit's resolve.
And thus an oddball alliance was formed
Meanwhile, Grodek is getting chewed out by the UFF military's investigation department for shipjacking the Diva, and is informed that he will be detained upon the ship's arrival at Tordia.  In response, however, he loads a virus into the computer which disables all of its normal communications equipment.  Emily sees him leaving the command room, as alarms begin to go off.
Grodek is called to the bridge, and he is informed of the communications problems.  They use a laser line to contact Tordia, and are giving docking instructions.  Flit, Emily and Dique disembark, and despite the latter's desire to go sightseeing, the other two end up going in different directions, Flit out of the port, and Emily back to the ship.
Who let him on the bridge?
Back on the Diva, an EFF security team comes to arrest Grodek, but he's hacked in to the colony's systems discovered that the arresting officer has been taking bribes, and threatens to out him.  The officer relents, and storms off with his (very confused) guards.  Emily witnesses the officer blowing up at the other guards, and goes to talk to Grodek.  He then admits to stealing the diva, and explains that the previous captain was going to abandon the colony core.  Emily demands that he tell everyone, and declares that she doesn't want Flit to be fighting for someone who hides things because if he keeps fighting, he'll end up dying.  However, Grodek then reveals that he's figured out the location of the UE base, and wants to use the Diva and Gundam to spearhead a surprise attack.  Emily objects, saying that he should wait for the EFF, and that his decision is being too selfish and runs out of his office.
"Selfish" is wanting everyone to do what you want, when they don't want to.
Back in the colony, Flit takes a motorized scooter out for a ride in an open area in the colony, and while lost in thought, a kid jumps in front of him, forcing him off the road.  Despite crashing and landing in a heap at the side of the road, Flit rushes back, sees that the kid, Desil Galette, has a few scrapes, and decides to take him back to the Diva for first aid.  While helping him up, he gets the same Newtype-ish feeling from him, though he doesn't recognize it.  While they're heading back to the port, a pair of Gafran infiltrate the colony.  Back at the Diva, Flit patches Desil up with a first aid kit, and the kid starts playing tag with him, bouncing off the walls in the zero-G room.  Desil then asks if he can see the mobile suits on board, and Flit takes him to see the Gundam.  An alarm then goes off, notifying everyone that the Gafran had been detected and engaged, and before Flit can get Desil out of the hangar, the kid swipes the AGE unit from his pocket and takes the Gundam out.  Flit launches after him in a spare Genoace, while Woolf takes off in his custom unit.  The two are amazed after Desil takes out one Gafran, and after a comment from Woolf, realizes that the feeling he had earlier is like the one he got from Yurin.  Desil gets bored of fighting, quickly shoots down the other unit, then takes off with the Gundam, leaving it in an empty hangar in the colony.  When Flit arrives, he throws the AGE unit back, and takes off himself.
"I hope to see you again...if you survive that long"
Somewhere else in the colony, Desil is approached by a group of people associated with EDEN (what EDEN is isn't explained yet), who chastise him for getting involved with Flit.
Real subtle, guys.
Back in the hangar, Flit wonders about the feeling he got from Desil and Yurin, while Emily worries about Flit getting more distant.

Overall, this episode was almost decent, but still had ore than its fair share of flaws.
First, I find Dique to be the most irritating and useless person in the show thus far.  Bouncing around the ship's bridge (why'd they even let him in?), yelling "Wow, that's amazing!" at everything he sees... it's like he's there just to kill time and be grating on the ears.
Emily is also grating on me, for her "I can't allow Flit to be involved with the Gundam any more" stance.  Like I said last episode, it's only been his entire motivation to live for most of his life, so she should have worked out those issues years ago.
Those character problems aside, I only have four specific complaints about the episode.
One: The officer (not) arresting Grodek... he tells the guards that Grodek was cleared and to leave him alone.  However, the Inspection Bureau, which issued the arrest warrant would not have agreed with that decision... so how will he explain to them Grodek's non-arrest?  I don't know, and I don't think the writers know either.
Two: The sub-command room that Grodek used to talk with the EFF military and upload the virus would probably be a restricted area, but Emily just walks right in?  There's a major security problem there.
Three: Mostly the same as the above, just dealing with Dique on the ship's bridge, which would be, arguably, at least as restricted as the sub-command room.  Why is he being allowed to cause a disturbance on the bridge?
Four: Desil and Flit.  Why the hell does Flit decide to take him all the way back to the Diva to bandage a scraped knee?  Is there no first aid station in the colony?  Or in the spaceport?  And after that, just bringing a random kid into the ship's MS hangar?  Are you freaking kidding me?

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