Monday, November 7, 2011

Guilty Crown - 04

The line's a tad overused at this point, but it still sums the episode up perfectly.  GRAVITY DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY.

Continuing from last week's episode, Yahiro betrays Shu, pushing him out onto the train platform where the GHQ soldiers, led by Segai promptly arrest him.  As the train pulls away, Inori eyes the emergency stop button, but is stopped from hitting it by another member of Undertaker on the train.  While being transported to the holding facility, Segai shows a bit of an affable villain personality (though most of it is probably an act, I'd guess), asking for help with a crossword puzzle.  As the transport arrives, we see another prisoner stirring in his cell.

Segai then proceeds to gently interrogate Shu, showing pictures of him talking to Gai, as well as shots of the other Undertaker members (incidentally, going by real life reports from actual interrogators, that sort of gentle approach is far more conducive to gaining intel than "24"-style interrogations).  However, because Shu is really not ideologically affiliated with them, and calls Gai by his first name, Sergai is convinced he's an important member of the organization.  Sergai is then also informed by his superior of an announcement from Undertaker that they will be attacking a different GHQ facility to retrieve a prisoner being held there.  Sergai thinks for a few seconds, then announces that he's come up with a plan to deal with them.
They've got some pretty good shots in there
Sometime later, a guard interrupts Shu trying to eat a meal, and brings him to Sergai, who uncuffs him and takes him to the building that Underaker would be attacking.  Along the way, he reveals that Yahiro wasn't a user of the Norma Gene drug, but a dealer, selling it because he needed the money to pay for medical care for his brother, who had a Stage IV infection of the Apocalypse Virus.
Which looks like you've been attacked by an ELS
From the GHQ perspective, the Apocalypse Virus pandemic, and the mass rioting and panic called Lost Christmas were only controlled by the vaccine that they created.  They see Undertaker as trying to destroy the current peace.  Shu responds by accusing them of killing the civilians at the fort (back in episode 2), though Segai says that they lost soldiers too.  He then shows Shu the prisoner that Undertaker is attempting to rescue, Kido Kenji, the person behind the Sky Tree bombing.  He then gives Shu a transmitter, and tells him to use it to reveal Gai's location.  He also says that they'll overlook Inori as long as he helps them.
Couldn't you make it easier to hide?
Sometime the next day, Shu is brought out of a (rather luxurious) cell to meet with his lawyer Gai "Mason".  "Mason" sends the guard to do something, and Tsugumi hacks the system to display a prerecorded script, while Gai and Shu talk.  Gai briefs him on the attack plan, but Shu objects, saying that he's not part of Undertaker, and that he has no idea why Gai is fighting.  Before he can respond, the attack begins.  Tsugumi hacks in and shuts down power, while from the outside, they fire missiles and prep their endlave for combat.  Gai then receives an urgent call, telling him that Inori is deviating from the plan and breaking into the facility herself to rescue Shu.
And this is where gravity starts getting strange.  How many stories did she just jump?
Guards come in to stop the interview, but Shu gets away from his, locking him in the room, while Gai knocks another out, steals his weapon, and charges into the building to recover Kido on his own.  He then orders Ayase, their endlave pilot, to launch and back up Shu and Inori with Steiner, the unit they swiped from the GHQ back in episode 2.
In a different building, Segai is told by the head of the isolation facility to stay away and let them handle the fight.  He shrugs it off, and decides to go over there to watch.
How can you not trust this face?
Back in the battle, Ayase drops Shu and tells him to take cover while she deals with a large number of GHQ endlaves.  At the same time, however, Gai locates Kido, who is being moved by the facility staff, and fires off a missile, dropping him almost on top of Shu.  Shu then pulls out his void, an anti-gravity gun...thing, which he uses to blast a few endlaves, sending them flying into the air.  Despite that, they are soon surrounded, but Inori finds them and jumps down from (far, far) above.  He then fires the gun again, in a super-huge burst, which makes everything in the area, including all the water in a small fountain, start to float.  He then runs up the floating water (what?), and trades Kido's gravity gun for Inori's sword, and proceeds to slaughter all of the GHQ endlaves.  Unbeknownst to him, however, is that Segai provided him with some cover, executing a GHQ sniper before he could shoot, just so he could see what happened.
Badass mode...ON!
In the aftermath, Shu carries Inori and drags Kido out of the building to meet up with Gai.  This time, he decides to go along with Undertaker, but not without checking to make sure he still had the transmitter.
All in all, I think this is called a "win"
Considering that Shu still has the transmitter, I'm predicting one of two things.  Either he uses it, everyone gets screwed, he regrets it, and saves everyone to "truly" join Undertaker; or he doesn't use it, but something happens to make it look like he betrayed everyone, and he then works twice as hard to regain their trust.  What I'm REALLY hoping for, though, is that Gai ends up being genre savvy, and orders Shu to be strip-searched (looking for bugs) or something along those lines (new set of clothes, put them on. NOW.) and gets rid of the tracker that way.  It's what I'd do.

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