Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday AMV #2 - Going old school

Macross (originally brought to the US as the first season of Robotech) is, I think, only second to UC Gundam in terms of having a number of series set in the same universe.  In this case, spanning the 60 years from 1999, when the SDF-1 Macross crash landed on Earth, to 2059, when the most recent series, Macross Frontier takes place (compare the UC Gundam continuity, which, if the prologue to Unicorn is included, starts at the beginning moments of U.C. 0000, and goes to U.C. 0153, at the end of Victory).

And so, the AMV: Series: Macross (all), song: Macross (original TV series opening theme).  Hop over the fold for the original OP.

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