Friday, January 20, 2012

Guilty Crown - 12

It really feels like a rushed season finale, with the writers rushing through enough material for 2-3 episodes.  Of course, as is usual for Guilty Crown, the story went jumping all over the place.
Starting with the boss dungeon (really a void) forming.

I'm going to test out a new post format for a little bit, with more screencaps and less writing.  If it ends up being faster, I might keep using it so I can cover more series.

Everything Segai did was to get info on voids. Go figure.
Meanwhile, Gai is bleeding to death after being slashed by Inori's void last ep.
'Tis but a flesh wound!
And... cue mini flashback, where Shu remembers that he met Gai in the past.
Yes. Yes he is.
And of course, the guy who just tried to kill Shu just stands around watching them, and when he tries to leave, Gai sends Shu through the portal after him.
It might have had more impact if we knew who "Mana" is and why waking her is bad. Not a morning person?
And... extended flashback!
And she just decided to name Gai "Triton".
The flashback is then interrupted by Shu waking up at the boss room and confronting Shuichiro and Daath.
Because after going through all the trouble to get her, they'll just giver her back because you ask nicely.
Because being patient zero is special.
I think he's too old for that job. >_>
And...another flashback!
How is Shu remembering this? He wasn't there. >_>
Oookay. Incest end!
Back in reality, Mana wakes up and attacks Shu...
Only for him to be saved by Ayase and Gai (wait, what?), who was apparently safe because the crystals prevented his vital organs from being hit.
The body is a vital organ. Get cut wide open, and you'll bleed to death, even if the "vitals" are missed.
The hero moment doesn't last long, and Steiner is quickly shot down, leaving the two humans to face the crystalline monster.
Gai then decides to fill Shu in on the details the he still can't remember.
Whoo, crazy onee-chan route.
And Shu rejecting her caused the Lost Christmas outbreak. ORZ
Shu pulls out Gai's void, a gun that forces other voids to manifest, and the two go on the offensive.  Gai shoots Inori, causing her void to appear, and Shu uses it to break her free from her bindings.  Gai then attacks Mana directly, is skewered by her defensive crystals, and orders Shu to take them both out.
And as a high schooler, he makes Shinji look like a man.

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